Nearer normality

All the books and journals have now been returned to the shelves in the Plant Sciences Library [thanks to the heroic efforts of Tom Irving and Billy Aldridge]. Many are in different places to pre-refurb locations, but hopefully it will all make sense pretty quickly. Shelves will be renumbered and direction signs posted shortly.

The big change, though, is the combining of what were Bays 3 and 4 to become a large open area for group work or individual study. Visitors may notice a rather, er, eclectic mix of furniture in there at the moment [the phrase ‘shabby chic’ has been used, rather kindly]. We will be sorting out the furniture soon : what we have at the moment is temporary. What was the ‘Librarian’s Cage’ has now become a closed room for quiet study – though at the moment it may not be especially quiet in there. Again, this is being worked on.

The photocopier is now in the first bay on the left if you enter from Reception, under the stairs.

The printer is in the ‘Part II’ computer bay [3rd on the left if you enter from Reception] and is currently not properly networked. Similarly the computers in this bay are being cleaned and reconnected and will be available shortly. The computers in the next bay [next to the Tennis Court Road/Tom ap Rees entrance are working].

Please do ASK if you cannot find anything, and please do MENTION problems. As always, if the library is not staffed, e-mail

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Back to normal [?]

As of Tuesday 18 September, the builders have left, and the Plant Scis Library has emerged from its chrysalis. [Photos to follow]

The Library is fully accessible, but is still a work in progress. Books in classes C & D, plus some in class F, as well as journals with titles beginning with  A and B, still need to be returned to the shelves. They will not generally be going back into the same places they were removed from. All the shelf labels, guides and help posters have been removed from the walls.

The eagle-eyed may also spot the lack of furniture and promised coffee machine in the ‘relaxation area’. These will be coming soon.

Please continue to contact if you cannot locate the item you need.

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[Very] Limited library service, Monday 16 July>

As of Monday 16th July, the builders will be in the Plant Scis Library. As far as we understand it, there will be no access from the Reception end, ergo no walk-throughs.

For members of the Department: From the Tennis Court Road entrance, you should be able to access the computer bays [7 & 8] and the Gilligan Group computer room [Bay 1]. Please try to use Bay 8 for computing [the one nearest the Tennis Court Rd end].

The books and journals that were left in the library will not be accessible until the builders say so. I will put current journals, as they are received, in a box in the tea room. The photocopier and the printer should be working, and the Lapwing box remains as is. Please contact us on  The phone is out.

If you are returning library books, please put them in [well, on, really] the library pigeonhole outside the tea room.

For visitors – including members of the University : Please contact us on the above e-mail before any visit.

Apologies for the disruption.


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Reminder about disruption and LIBRARY CLOSURE

The Plant Scis Library will be completely closed off from Monday 16 July until a date to be determined by the builders – but probably for at least a week.

Since nobody from the department will be allowed access, we will not be able to retrieve items for you. Please borrow, and sign out, any books or journals you think you might need before the end of August, now.

Disruption has already begun, with books and tables being moved, for which we apologise. It will be a bad summer, but when term begins we should have a much spiffier library.

Please do e-mail if you have any questions, comments, etc

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Rare books in cabinets

During the planned refurbishments to the Plant Scis Library, the cabinets in which the rare books were kept will be removed. As the Department will no longer have a safe  and secure place for these valuable and unique items, most of them have been transferred to the University Library Rare Books Room. There they will be properly cared for, securely stored, and in fact more accessible than they were in Plant Sciences. Some items have been transferred to the Cory Library, and others to the Herbarium Library [both in the Botanic Gardens].

Catalogue records will be amended shortly, but some of these items were never catalogued in the first place. If you wish to consult an item you believe to have been held in the cabinets, please contact us on and we can confirm if it was transferred, and where it is held now.

As items sent to Rare Books need to be processed, it is advisable to contact them before visiting the University Library, on


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Disruption during summer 2012

Please note that the main Plant Sciences Library is likely to be closed for part of the summer for refurbishment. Work will commence on Monday 16 July, and initially there will be no access to the Library. In addition, there will be no access through the Library.

As of 21 June, we do not know how long access will be completely restricted, but it is likely to be for at least a week. Building work ends on Friday 7th September [hopefully], but there should be through-access well before then.

More information will be added as we are informed. Access to the Herbarium Library at the Sainsbury Laboratory remains as always. Please contact us on if you have any questions.

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Form for access to the Sainsbury Building

The form required by security staff for access to the library in the Sainsbury Building is now available on the Department intranet. Direct link cannot be provided as the page is Raven-protected. Please go to ‘Forms to download’ and look under ‘various forms’. This form must be completed and forwarded to Dr David Coomes for authorisation.

If you are not a member of the Department and require access to the library in the Sainsbury Building, please contact us on Please note that access to the ‘main’ Plant Sciences Library for visitors continues to be on a walk-in basis. No forms to fill out, no authorisation required! However, it would be useful to contact us first if you don’t know your way around.

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