Nearer normality

All the books and journals have now been returned to the shelves in the Plant Sciences Library [thanks to the heroic efforts of Tom Irving and Billy Aldridge]. Many are in different places to pre-refurb locations, but hopefully it will all make sense pretty quickly. Shelves will be renumbered and direction signs posted shortly.

The big change, though, is the combining of what were Bays 3 and 4 to become a large open area for group work or individual study. Visitors may notice a rather, er, eclectic mix of furniture in there at the moment [the phrase ‘shabby chic’ has been used, rather kindly]. We will be sorting out the furniture soon : what we have at the moment is temporary. What was the ‘Librarian’s Cage’ has now become a closed room for quiet study – though at the moment it may not be especially quiet in there. Again, this is being worked on.

The photocopier is now in the first bay on the left if you enter from Reception, under the stairs.

The printer is in the ‘Part II’ computer bay [3rd on the left if you enter from Reception] and is currently not properly networked. Similarly the computers in this bay are being cleaned and reconnected and will be available shortly. The computers in the next bay [next to the Tennis Court Road/Tom ap Rees entrance are working].

Please do ASK if you cannot find anything, and please do MENTION problems. As always, if the library is not staffed, e-mail

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