Job [partly] done!

As of 1 September, all items intended for the new library in the Sainsbury Building have been moved out of the Department Library and from the Herbarium.

However, it was a much more difficult and time-consuming task than the movers anticipated, so although everything is now out of the crates, many items are not in their intended location and sequence in the new library – and many are still on the floor.

Please therefore continue to e-mail if you need to consult:

  • Any item from the Simpson collection
  • Any item that used to be in the Herbarium
  • Floras, monographs and taxonomic works

I will do my best to retrieve it for you within a couple of days. As it stands, items from the new library may be borrowed, but currently I will have to find books and sign them out on your behalf.

It is hoped that by the beginning of term there will be a semblance of order in the new library, but please continue to e-mail if you need help. I will be providing information on the locations of sections of stock in due course.

MEANWHILE, back at the ‘old’ library, books are being moved into the spaces created by removals. Perhaps of more interest, the journals have been moved, into one straight alphabetical sequence. As they are now down from the high shelves, it is possible to browse journals. Many are on the mezzanine floor upstairs. You will be amazed at the wealth of plant-related older serials held in the library, including many ecology-related items, and a surprisingly large number of forestry journals. Just because a paper is old and isn’t online doesn’t mean it cannot be of importance in your research. Check out the shelves! Pick off a volume or two! See what you might find!

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